Genie Trolleys / Carriages

Part Number:36051R, Price:$20.00. See item 8 on page 39 of the Genie Parts Catalog.

The trolley is designed to be the weak link of the operator and fail before anything more expensive is damaged or destroyed. Sort of like how a car is designed to crumple and absorb the impact so passengers are subject to to the full impact of the crash. The trolley is designed to strip it's gears before the door, or obstruction blocking the door, is damaged. Nothing however is perfect and sometimes damage does occur and sometimes the trolley does wear out and becomes stripped over time. Replacing the trolley is a simple matter. You simply slide it off the end nearest the door after detaching the rail from the rail mounting bracket and the trolley from the door arm. Sometimes however the opener is mounted awkwardly and it is not that simple of a task. We charge $20 for the trolley and $75 for the service call for a total of $95. We do a complete service of the garage at the same time ensuring the door is balanced, oiled, and the operator is adjusted and working properly.

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