FCT3b, 436 301, Radio keypad

What we read and do:

The key to success is verifying each key pressed is acknowledged by a light from the LED. In the followxy the "xyzt" refers to the private code chosen to open the garage. (Yes it must be four and only four digits long.)

  1. Remove the battery for 30 seconds.
  2. Hold down on the '0' key while attaching the battery. Wait for the lights to go off before letting up on the '0' key.
  3. Press 'key', '1', '2', '3', '4', 'key', 'x', 'y', 'z', 't', 'key'
  4. Briefly press the small circular button with the letter 'P' on the motor head so it is ready to sync with the keypad. Immediately, within a few seconds, after hitting the 'p' on the motor head press 'x', 'y', 'z', 't' and keep the 'key' pressed on the keypad for a few seconds. The keypad should now be programmed.
  5. Verify the keypad works by pressing 'x', 'y', 'z', 't', 'key' a few minutes later.

Synopsis of Hörmann FCT3B instructions

General Information

  1. The wireless keypad will open or close up to 3 different doors.
  2. The FCT3b is meant to work from -4 to +140 Fahrenheit.
  3. The FCT3b requires a 9V battery.
  4. The memory is not lost when changing the battery.
  5. The keyboard light comes on at the first press of a button and stays on for 20 seconds after the last keystroke.
  6. Important terminology
    • Access Codes
      These are 4-digit freely selectable unique codes, enabling you to access three radio codes 1 to 3. An access code is always assigned to a specific radio code. In the factory setting or after a reset the access codes are:
      Access code for radio code 1: "1234"
      Access code for radio code 2: "2345"
      Access code for radio code 3: "3456"
      The fourth is the "bell/light" button which does not require an access code. (It's the round button with a bell icon followed by a divide sign and then a light bulb icon below it.)
    • Radio code
      There are 4 billion possible codes per channel.
  7. LED signals
    There are five LED signals: [The original wording talked about how the LEDs determine the MODE, of which they said there were 4 modes and then described 5.]
    1. Short signal
    2. long signal
    3. slow flashing
    4. fast flashing
    5. very fast flashing

Normal Operation

  1. Enter the valid access code using the numeric buttons.
  2. Press the "key" button. (The one that has an old fashion key icon printed on the round button.) If a valid entry has been made the LED gives a long signal and the corresponding radio code is transmitted. The LED flashes rapidly while transmitting.
  3. Function of the "bell/light" button.
    During operation the "bell/light" button can be used like a hand transmitter for transmitting, without have to enter an access code. An exception is the 20-second phase in which the same radio code can be repeatedly transmitted without entering a new access code. If the "bell/light button is pressed the 20-second phase will be interrupted. No signal will be transmitted.
  4. Transmitting using the "bell/light" button
    Press the "bell/light button. The LED gives a long signal and the radio code is transmitted. The LED flashes rapidly while transmitting.
    (NOTE: As long as the "bell/light" button is pressed the radio code is transmitted.)


  • Choose a location away from electrical cables. [To avoid interference.]
  • Resetting the FCT3b to factory settings:
    1. Take the battery out of the FCT3b.
    2. Wait for approximately 10 seconds.
    3. Press and hold the '0' button and reinsert the battery.
    4. The red LED flashes fast.
    5. Hold the '0' button until the red LED stops flashing.
    6. Release the '0' button. The FCT3b has been reset to the factory settings.
      (Note: if the '0' button is released before the red LED stops flashing the reset is canceled and the LED will flash three times. The previously programmed access and radio codes will still exist and you will have to start over.)
  • Altering access codes
    From the factory or after a reset all 3 storage spaces are preprogrammed with an access code. The factory codes are listed above. To program your own access codes do as follows:
    1. Press the "key" button once for 1, twice for 2, or three times for 3.
    2. Enter access code "1234" for 1, "2345" for 2, or "3456" for 3.
    3. Press the "key" button once. If a valid entry has been made the LED gives a long signal. If an invalid entry has been made the LED gives three short signals.
    4. Enter the new 4-digit access code you want to use.
    5. Press the "key" button. If a valid entry has been made the LED gives a long signal and the new access code is valid.

    Original Hörmann Wireless Keypad Documentation

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