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  • 2010 March:
    • 2010/03/31: Added the manuals for the following liftmaster wireless keypads. These are all of the wireless keyapds currently being sold which dates back many decades.
      1. 66LM Wireless Keypad
      2. 976LM Wireless Keypad
      3. 377LM Wireless Keypad
      4. 379LM Wireless Keypad
      5. 387LM Wireless Keypad
    • 2010/03/14:
      1. Added FaceBook to the internet for Doorco Automatic Doors, Inc..
    • 2010/03/13:
      1. Added JudysBook to the list of sites reviews can be placed.
    • 2010/03/08:
      1. There is this big long winded thing the government is doing called "The American Recovery And Reinvestment Act Of 2009". What this means to you and me is the possibility of getting 30% back, up to $1500, on hardware that qualifies as energy efficient. Some of the Amarr and all of the Hörmann doors we sell qualify for this 30 percent back. The Amarr Stratford 2000 and 3000 doors along with the Amarr Heritage 2000 qualify for this savings as long as you do not get windows. If windows are desired then you must purchase the Amarr Heritage 3000 with their insulated windows. On the Hörmann side all their doors are fully qualified for the 30 percent savings. With or without windows. Here are the documents you will need to get the 30 percent back from the Government:
        1. Amarr: Manufacturer's Certification Statement
        2. Hörmann: Manufacturer's Certification Statement
    • 2010/03/07:
      1. Added PDF for AllStar MVP series garage door openers. This is the 20 page Owners/Installation manual.
      2. Added the 375LM instruction manual converted to a one page jpg from the liftmaster's website PDF version.
    • 2010/03/04:
      1. 375LM Liftmaster two button (Universal) transmitter
  • 2010 February:
    • 2010/02/24:
      1. Added a "service area map" while attempting to show our listing in the local cities we do business in.
    • 2010/02/02:
      1. Added a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page here.
    • 2010/02/01:
      1. First attempt at a human readable site map.
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