The 375LM, or LM375, is a universal transmitter that, theoretically, works with most openers. (I have had no luck programming this with older Genies from the 70s/80s having plastic strips inside of them, before the days of dips switches, despite the instructions saying otherwise.) They only make this transmitter with two buttons. Liftmaster is also relabeled by Craftsman, Chamberlain, and a few other companies. Liftmaster bought out clicker, and like most things LiftMaster does, upgraded the quality of the product so that it handles most all garage door openers. However they do not operate any Marantec or Hörmann operators. (It would be great if they did since three of the four frequencies Marantec are discontinued. Yes, this has left Marantec customers totally stranded unless they want to purchase a new receiver and their corresponding matching transmitters.)

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